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Terms and Conditions

Please read the following information carefully

How to Book
Request an interview. Once accepted forward your completed application form with your non-refundable deposit to secure placement in the program of your choice with EARTHQUEST (Canada).

Deposits for primate FBT programs in Canada or Central America are $699.00 USD (United States dollars), $575.00 USD for Ethnobotany or Rainforest Ecology programs, $680.00 CAD (Canadian dollars) for the Biological Field School. If approved for financial assistance and you have obtained a loan or line of credit to cover course fees then the deposit amount is based on the number of courses taken. For example, if approved for 7 courses then the deposit is $5600.00 CAD non-refundable. These are 100% non-refundable and may be used to hold your reservation for 7 days from program acceptance (or in some cases the interview date). All funds are processed by 12 Noon on the date submitted. The balance is due 60 days prior to program departure for international programs. Any and all payment of fees toward courses through the Biological Field School are 100% non-refundable in the event that the student cancels, postpones, delays or forfeits participation and are subject to application and cancellation fees if the student cancels, postpones, forfeits, drops out, or changes the format of their program, course or project in any format. Please make certified cheques or international money orders payable to EARTHQUEST (Canada). You may also wire transfer funds via a bank or Western Union to ensure faster service.

You acknowledge that any books (field guides, course books, manuals, reference material) purchased are 100% non-refundable and we are not legally or financially responsible for your dissastifaction(s)

Part A of this cancellation policy does not apply to courses taken through the Biological Field School via correspondence or personal attendance. It does apply to field courses taken in Central America in partnership with the La Suerte Field Biological Field Station/Maderas Rainforest Conservancy.

Part A
You acknowledge that should you decide to cancel your international program within 60 days prior to Expedition/Program departure then reimbursement of Expedition/Program costs shall be based on the following cancellation policy; If cancel 45-60 days prior to departure - 25% of Expedition/Project costs retained. If cancel 30-45 days prior to departure - 50% of Expedition/Project costs retained. If cancel 15-30 days prior to departure - 100% of Expedition/Program costs retained. The deposit payable to EARTHQUEST shall only be refunded if you find a replacement suitable to EARTHQUEST, if EARTHQUEST finds a replacement, or if the Expedition/Program is canceled by EARTHQUEST, and that the refund or non-refund of part of all of the balance of the total Expedition/Program costs shall be in accordance with the cancellation policies of the Expedition/Program, which you acknowledge that you have read and understand. You also acknowledge that EARTHQUEST shall not be held responsible for the refund of, or for arranging the refund of the round trip airfare, transportation, accommodations or food.

Part B
All courses taken through the Biological Field School must be via personal attendance unless you are given special permission by your Instructor/Teacher in another format such as correspondence & are 100% non-refundable from the date that funds are received. Students will be charged a 15% (of the total tuition) cancellation fee (in addition to any and all 100% non-refundable costs paid), should they be suspended, cancel, forfeit, drop out, delay or change, in any way - courses, programs or projects. Interest rates shall apply to any fees charged, or for late payments. Students that miss, cancel or change a scheduled test will receive a fail for the test or course. Students requesting any switches/changes to their program, courses or projects must request this in writing, provide valid reasons, make an appointment to discuss it and receive permission from their Instructor/Teacher. Fees for any changes or extensions in how you wish to partake in the program, courses, or project will be applied. Please note, certificates are not awarded (as they are generally sent with transcripts) until all courses are successfully completed, the student is in good standing and has passed their program or course(s). This includes completion and passing any tests, assignments or tasks associated with course work.

Upon registration
You will receive immediate confirmation and acknowledgement of securing placement in the program. If you have applied to a FBT Program then you will be mailed, or emailed a FBSST, or FBT Course, which will be due no later than 30 days prior to departure or receipt for evaluation. Remember, you must pass the FBSST, or FBT Course before gaining full acceptance in the program. Failure to do so could expel you from the program. The complete Expedition/Project/Program/Course or briefing material will be mailed to you upon payment of the remaining balance and receipt of ALL application documents.

Expedition/Course/Project/Program Dates/Structure and Leader Changes
You acknowledge that EARTHQUEST and it's staff have the right to change or alter itineraries, Expedition/Project/Course costs and prices, or plans without notice or prior approval for the safety or betterment of the Expedition, course, or project, it's members and staff. This includes the need to update or revise courses. We will do everything possible to ensure Expeditions/Projects/Courses will operate with the leaders noted and the dates listed. If the student wishes to switch/change a course, project or program they must completely and fully fill out a request to switch/change application form and pay the fee.

You acknowledge that you have been informed by EARTHQUEST that for some parts of the aforementioned Expedition/Program/Course, no liability insurance is or can be carried by the operators of local transportation or facilities in the destination country, and that you take full responsibility for your health and safety during all portions of the Expedition/Program/Course. Before you participate in any Expedition/Project you will be required to complete a brief confidential personal data, health and liability/agreement form as well as a medical form. No one associated with the liability/agreement form or with the Program has made any representation or promise about the matters covered in the Agreement, apart from what is written in this agreement. In other words, this document contains the entire agreement between the Program participant and EARTHQUEST with respect to the matters covered by the agreement. By reading the terms and conditions presented here, understanding and agreeing to these terms and conditions you acknowledge that EARTHQUEST cannot be held responsible, liable or acussed of anything resulting in your disatisfaction with the Program, courses, our staff, affiliates, agents, partners or representatives. You acknowledge that you agree to waive and release all claims, demands or causes of action against EARTHQUEST and it's agents and agree to indemify them with regard to any financial obligations or liabilities that you may incur personally or any damage resulting from participation in the Program.

All students accepted into our programs or courses will have 1 year from the date they gain acceptance to complete all required program, course or project material for evaluation. Submission of required program, course, or project material or assignments for evaluation past deadline dates will not be accepted and will automatically receive a failing grade. If you are registered for a 12 month General FAT Program and decide to switch/change, shorten the length of your program, course, project, etc. to a 9 month General FAT Program, for example, at any time during your registered 12 month General FAT Program then you must receive permission and full approval from your Instructor/Teacher and pay a flat fee of $200.00 CAD per course before being permitted to continue. This also applies if you wish to extend the length of your program, course or project. Any and all requests for switches/changes must be in writing; signed, dated and witnessed to be considered. If your program length is shortened or extended then you must ensure your Instructor/Teacher that you can complete any remaining courses within the timeframe that the course is operating. In other words, if you are approved to make the date change and switch into another program, course or project and the course(s) is scheduled to be completed within 90 days and you have 30 days left in the program, course or project you were permitted to switch into, then you will have until the end of the time remaining in the program you switched into to complete any and all courses (ie. within 30 days of the date you are approved to make the date change, not 90 days). Students who submit material after this deadline date will automatically receive a failing grade and participation in the program or course will be terminated. To make a switch/change in any course you must completely and fully fill out the Request to switch/change application form. Application forms that are filled out incorrectly will not be accepted and may be returned, thereby delaying your request. To download a Request to switch/change application form simply click on;

Request to switch/change application form

Students who do not show up for programs, courses, or projects for 1 week (3 in class/field sessions) or accumulate a total of 15 absences without proper notice, permission from their Instructor/Project Coordinator, or valid reasons are considered to have dropped out of their program, course, or project. You acknowledge the EARTHQUEST General FAT Program is exempt from registration under the Private Career Colleges Act and the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities. You acknowledge that EARTHQUEST has the right to terminate your participation in the program, course or project, without refund (if there is blatant indiscretion on the part of the client(s). This includes use of profanity and fowl language, drugs, alcohol, submission of required documents such as tests, exams, assignments, course material, lateness, absenteeism, your Agreement with EARTHQUEST, etc., disrespectful behaviour or correspondence, disrespecting the required duties and roles related to the Expedition/Program/Course, the staff, the team or any employees, partners or affiliates working with EARTHQUEST, etc. This includes not showing up, cancelling or forfeiting scheduled tests or field sessions/classes. If participation is terminated it is the client(s) responsibility to withdraw and return home at his/her own expense(s) without refund.

You acknowledge that EARTHQUEST and any employees, agents or affiliates of EARTHQUEST are not responsible for any damages, disappearances, injuries or loss, accidental or otherwise, which may occur or be caused during the course of the Expedition/Project/Course/Program to the destination of your choice.

You acknowledge that the minimum requirement to gain acceptance into the certification courses of the General FAT Program, which are exempt from registration by the Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities (MTCU) is a post graduate degree/diploma and/or 3 - 5 years of experience. The minimum requirement to gain acceptance into the international FAT Programs is a High School diploma. To gain acceptance into any EARTHQUEST programs, projects or certification courses that are exempt from registration by MTCU you must provide the following documents; a copy of your degree/diploma from a recognized college/university, a copy of your transcript, a current resume, a completed application form, reference forms completed by three (3) elected referees. You acknowledge that you have provided these documents at the time of paying your 100% non-refundable tuition. EARTHQUEST (Canada) for the Environment and its agents act only as agents for passengers/participants with respect to services provided passenger/participant by others including, but not limited to that service, on the express condition that EARTHQUEST and its agents are not liable for any failure in service, or injury, loss or damage, delay or inconvenience arising out of or in connection with any defect in any vehicle or any act, omission, accident, or error in providing such transportation, hotel, restaurant, or other service. If circumstances beyond EARTHQUESTs control require cancellations or modification of an Expedition/Program/Course before commencement, operator's sole responsibility is refund of payments subject to terms and conditions outlined herein. In case of accident occurring during the land portion of any Expedition/Program/Course, passengers/participants must submit any claim therefore only to the competent judicial authorities where such accident occurred, to be determined exclusively in accordance with the laws of such jurisdiction. By accepting the coupons and tickets and utilizing the service you agree that neither EARTHQUEST nor its agents nor any affiliated companies or representatives shall be liable for any loss, injury or damage to you or your belongings or otherwise in connection with any occurrences beyond their control including breakdown in equipment, strikes, theft, delay or cancellation or changes in itinerary or schedules, etc. Remember, that travel documents, as well as compliance with customs regulations and laws are your responsibility. The ground/tour operator and its agents reserve the right to refuse to accept or retain any person as a member of the Expedition/Program/Course/Project. The right is reserved to withdraw any or all Expeditions/Programs/Courses/Projects or project or portions thereof.

Payment of your non-refundable program, books, course, project costs is take as acknowledgement of and agreement to the above terms

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